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Batch of 2006 Award for Excellence in Computer Science

Batch of 2006 Award for Excellence in Computer Science

(Year of Commencement: 2013 ; Campus: Pilani)


"Batch of 2006 Award for Excellence in Computer Science” - commenced in 2013, aims to recognize students from BITS Pilani, (Pilani campus) who exhibit a consistent streak of technical accomplishments in the field of Computer Science.


  1. The applicant should be enrolled in BITS Pilani, Pilani campus at the time of application for the award.
  2. BITSians upwards of 3rd year from across all disciplines are eligible to apply. The applicants must all show a strong streak of achievements in Computer Science and students from other disciplines are strongly encouraged to apply.
  3. An applicant may not re-apply for the award in future editions of this award, if he/she was declared the winner of a previous edition.


  1. All the applications will be shortlisted based on all the submitted application materials, and the list of shortlisted candidates will be forwarded to a selection panel.
  2. The selection panel will be comprised of members of the 2006 batch, and will conduct one or more phone interviews with the shortlisted applicants.
  3. The panel reserves the right to bring in external reviewers to assess the qualities of a particular applicant. The selection panel will decide the final list of awardees, and the panel’s decisions will be final and binding.
  4. The award will be given out annually, and each edition of the award will entail a fresh application cycle.
  5. The award offers a citation and an initial cash prize of INR 30,000 to the winner. In addition, additional prize money of up to a maximum of INR 70,000 would be available to the awardee for one year from the time of declaration of the award.
  6. The additional prize money will be provided depending on the awardee’s current nature of work and future goals. For example, it can sponsor part of an undergraduate thesis, a visit to a stellar conference, or support towards scaling the awardee’s startup. The awardee is required to work out details of how the additional prize money will be utilized and be prepared to justify them to the alumni who have contributed to the award. The alumni reserve the right to not sponsor any request which does not align with the awardee's individuality which contributed to him/her receiving the award and which do not contribute towards his/her technical growth. For example, this money cannot be used for vacation, for personal expenses or for general purpose education related expenses like graduate school application/ graduate school fees/simply attending a conference. Unlike the first round money of 30K, this reward needs to be accounted for by the awardee.


Application Timeline is as follows:

  • 26 August 2014            Information session at BITS Pilani
  • 27 August 2014            Applications open
  • 27 October 2014          Deadline for submission of applications
  • 6 November 2014        Shortlisting of candidates
  • November 2014           Shortlisted candidate interviews
  • 10 December 2014      Declaration of the winner

Instructions for Submission of Application: 

Submission instructions are available at

Managing the Award:

  1. The award will be conducted for at least 5 years starting from the academic year 2013-’14.
  2. All documents will be submitted by the students to
  3. BITS Pilani will publicize the award internally as well as calling for nominations with the help of BITSAA International through posters, root mails and help of Assoc coordinators.
  4. BITSAA International shall publish the details of the award winner(s) on the website and inform the donors about the same. The award and winner details will be publicized on all official BITSAA social media channels
  5. BITSAA will send e-certificate to the winner of the award and arrange for other logistics regarding fund transfer
  6. The POC from Batch of 2006 is Mayank Mohta (
  7. If you have any questions, please direct your questions to or the facebook page,


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the technical and professional spheres for which additional award money can be availed?

The additional prize money would only be available to the awardee for his/her growth in the professional and technical spheres through things such as (but not limited to): Visits to conferences, attendance at workshops, investment in their startups, pursuing undergraduate thesisetc.

Q: How many awards are on offer?

For 2013, we are only offering one award to the most outstanding candidate

Q: What kind of information do you expect in the CV?

The CV should detail the applicant’s academic achievements, work experience, research experience, software development experience, skill sets, other technical awards received, talks/publications/poster presentations, etc. In addition, the applicant should include any other technical accomplishments that may be relevant to the vision statement of this award.

The applicant should ensure that there are no typos or margin issues in the CV and it should give a good, clean first impression. Content is of utmost importance, so iterating over the CV with friends or seniors (in industry/academia) is strongly suggested to clearly bring out the most important points and reduce hyperboles or redundant content. For example, academic performance in school examinations counts for little now, but even many failed app development experiences helps the panel see your passion. A particular format is not suggested.

Q: What goes in the personal statement?

The award intends to recognize and reward a BITS Pilani student who has demonstrated the drive to excel in his/her domain of choice (related to CS) and promises to continue in coming years. To this end, the applicant should use the personal statement as his/her means to give the panel a good understanding of his/her trajectory by mentioning the failures, successes and measuresofeffortputin.

The personal statement must give the selection panel a glimpse of the applicant’s thought process, problem­solving skills and ability to put them in a clear and concise format. For example, is there a particular project where the applicant learnt most from? What were the particularly challenging parts of the project? How did the applicant overcome/meet those challenges? The personal statement is an opportunity for the applicants to inform the selection panel about the intangible and often non­measurable things they learnt from their past experiences, and how those things have affected their future plans and choices.

There will be a thorough background scan of the information provided in the statement followed by an interview, so it is strongly suggested that the applicant does not shoot himself in the foot by making earth­ shattering claims or by overselling a trivial pursuit. However, if you have indeed out smarted the world,please do not hold back!

Q: What do you mean by a testimonial? Who can write a testimonial for an applicant?

An applicant should ask someone who is well­versed with his/her technical work and abilities to write a testimonial. The person in question could be a professor with whom the applicant undertook research, a software developer in a company with whom the applicant contributed to aproduct (working together in person or remotely), or even a friend who worked with the applicant on some hair­raising idea for a product, app, or startup. The testimonial should clearly spell out the applicant’s association with the testimonial writer, and should relate the contributions and qualities of the applicants clearly to the end-product achieved as a result of that association.


2013 Winner - Karthik G

Karthik G has been judged the winner of the "Batch of 2006 Award for Excellence in Computer Science”. He has emerged as an enterprising candidate who firmly believes in learning by doing. In that pursuit, he has put himself in situations where he has had to develop a keen understanding of various theoretical concepts to be able to solve real world problems faster and better. Despite lacking a formal education in the discipline of Computer Science, Karthik has accomplished much in the form of personal projects, Google summer of code participation and co-founding a start-up by managing its entire technological stack. He has a very mature view regarding the significance of technology in both academic and non-academic endeavors and has a pleasant habit of sharing this understanding with fellow students and keep learning more from them. With concrete plans ahead to utilize his passion for programming in cancer research, he serves as an inspiration for many students to employ the benefits of technology to serve the community at large.



2014 Winner - Joel Moniz 

Joel Moniz (2012A7PS106P) has been judged the winner of the "Batch of 2006 Award for Excellence in Computer Science” for the year 2014. He is a third-year Computer Science student with an interest in computer vision, data mining, and robotics. Joel’s work in Computer Science during his time has included an association with real-world projects, including the Processing open-source programming language—something he continues to contribute to. Joel also participated in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) in the summer of 2014. More information about Joel’s work can be found on his blog at

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