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BITSAA International Volunteer Awards 2014
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In 2013, we launched BITSAA International Volunteer Awards - our tiny way of appreciating the excellent work put forth by our volunteers. We continue with the tradition, and so here we are with BITSAA Awards 2014.  
This year, the BITSAA International members were recognized for their high quality work in the below categories:
  • Most Successful Team - Given to the team(s) that has shown remarkable commitment, excellent execution beyond the listed goals, and credible collaboration across teams.All BITSAA teams are eligible to be nominated in this category.
  • Exceptional Leadership - Given to the individual(s) who has proven to be an exceptional leader with proven integrity, interpersonal skills, goal setting for team, and carrying the team along with him/her. This category is intended for Managers and above, but exceptions will be made if there is sufficient justification.
  • Outstanding Volunteerism - Given to the individual(s) who put in efforts outside of his stated project tasks, has excellent communication skills, and is result driven.This category is open to all Volunteers and Team leaders.
  • Outstanding Newcomer - Given to the individual(s) who joined BITSAA recently, but proved to be an invaluable resource to the team, and the organisation, through his/her dedication, leadership, and commitment. As the name suggests, this is open to any leader who is a newcomer.
  • Executional Excellence: Given to the individual(s) who have been an excellent team player and been consistent with delivering goal results in a timely manner. This category is open to all Volunteers and Team Leaders. 
​In an organization the size of BITSAA International, it is not easy to narrow down the list of recipients for the BITSAAAwards, but choices we did make. I am happy to now announce winners of BITSAA Awards 2014. Mentioned alongside is selected commendation received from colleagues for the excellent work done by each winner. 
Most Successful Team:
  • Marketing & Communications - "..Set Social Media records for BITSians' day 2013..Well executed BGM marketing campaign...Well executed NASDAQ PR campaign"
  • Career Center - "For the utter dedication and determination with which the team worked to roll out the BITSAA Career Center, a portal that holds great promise to BITSians around the world to support each other in their careers." 
Exceptional Leadership:
  • Sravan Menta, Chapter Relations; "Built Ch-R team in India from ground-up....Instrumental in Ch-R BGM 2014 deliverables...Perfect Succession Planning"
  • Suhas Kashyap, Career Center; "Career Center was a failed BITSAA project before he took charge....he would be a great asset to the organization down the road"
  • Aditya Garg, Chapter Relations; "Exceptional contribution to Chapter Relations.|Established e-Store as vibrant portal"
​Outstanding Volunteerism:
  • Priya Yedlapalli, Scholarships; "...a very enthusiastic person, always keen to take up more tasks. She will soon be a great leader in the Scholarships Team"
  • Sumit Kumar, People Strategy; "Amazing commitment...Super responsive"
  • Rohit Agarwal, Chapter Relations; " Momentum for BITSAA Database project for 1 year"
  • Sowmyavadhana V, Scholarships​; "Sowmya has been a great asset to the team in the past one year, right from the time she joined the team"
​Outstanding Newcomer:
  • Priyatham Dharmana, Marketing & Communications​; "...he is the sole reason that the Annual report 2012 went out...What he did in the next 10 days was beyond his call of duty...I have not found a more committed guy than him"
​Executional Excellence:
  • Surbhi Singh, Scholarships; "...has taken complete charge...she has put in a lot of effort in the streamlining the processes and engaging with the donors"
  • Susheel Tatineni, Career Center; "Outstanding contribution and dogged perseverance to operationalize a vision even during trying personal times...Working with tremendous professional mannerism within deadlines"
  • Bharati Makhijani, Marketing & Communications; "Long term planner... Seamlessly communicates with all teams...Has always honored the deadline"
  • Rekha Somasundaram, Fundraising; "Exceptional revival and management of e-store"
  • Varsha Rajshekar, BITS2MSPHD; "Smooth transition and takeover of BITS2MSPHD group...successful management of old and new initiatives"
​Congratulations to all the winners!! You add even more meaning to "BITS Pilani, Need I say more!", a phrase that remains on my favorite tee from BITS days.​
​Albert Einstein said, "
I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
I hope each and every one of us BITSians will likewise draw from our imaginations to take the individual and our alma mater to great heights! ​
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