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BITS-75 Charitable Trust and Center for Emerging Technologies
It gives us immense pleasure to bring it to your notice a commendable initiative from the 1970-75 class of our alumni in setting up the BITS-75 Charitable Trust ("BITS-75 Trust” for short). This truly exemplary initiative that should inspire BITSians across all the batches to come forward and return the favor back to our alma mater.

BITS-75 Trust aims to promote technology entrepreneurship among BITS students and faculty and inculcate in BITSians the mind-set of ‘Job Creators’ rather than mere ‘Job Seekers’ in the society. One of the major initiatives is to work closely and help BITS set up a 21st century "Center for Emerging Technologies” in Pilani. The trust was formally launched in April 2008 but was conceptualized in 2006. Its members have been proactively interacting with the BITS administration in refining the ideas and action plan. By the time the 70-75 class met for their 35th Coral Jubilee Reunion at BITS during 24-27 Oct 2009 they managed to raise approx. INR 23 lakhs from just 35 contributors. Other members of the BITS 70-75 class continue to pitch in and the class has now raised over Rs. 30 lakhs from 50 contributors. The trust envisions contributing both in Cash and in Kind. 

BITS 1970-75 alumni group has considerable expertise and experience in entrepreneurial start-ups and businesses. These successful entrepreneurs can offer help in kind by providing guidance to budding young entrepreneurs in determining how to identify market/business opportunities, how to secure funding, how to recruit and how to scale, what works/does not work, how to prepare exit plans, etc. The trust also aims to work closely with appropriate faculty of centers and departments at BITS, such as Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) and Entrepreneurship Development & IPR Unit.The trust is in the process of developing an RFP (Request for Proposals) in cooperation with BITS at this stage.  The RFP will be used to seek proposals out of which the trust will fund the selected ones. The trust envisions selecting and funding projects that would serve the poor segments of Indian society as a market opportunity and in the process, also help build businesses that believe in "Doing Well by Doing Good”. The trust will focus on applied R&D projects, which are more product or service-centric rather than pure (fundamental) research. It would encourage software-intensive projects (for example, embedded software applications for software for mobile phones) as their material and capital costs are expected to be relatively modest. BITS Centre for Emerging Technologies is expected to support the hardware infrastructure.   

The trust is inviting subject matter experts (both technical as well as business) from wider BITSAA community, whose help it may seek in evaluating and strengthening a set of short-listed proposals. BITSians who are willing to invest significant On-site BITS time, help trustees in Project Selection, possibly play industry project coordinator role.   Another initiative taken by this Trust is to offer an annual Gurudakshina to one of the professors who had taught them and are now retired. This is essentially done to demonstrate a mark of respect and gratitude to Gurus in true Indian style. The first such Gurudakshina was given to Prof (Retd.) Dr. B. D. Deshpande (Professor of Microbiology and Chief Warden for many years during 1970’s and 1980’s) in an impressive ceremony attended by a packed house at the BITS auditorium at Pilani on 25 October 2009. Yet another initiative by the trust was to raise and send funds for medical treatment of Prof. (Retd.) Vaishwanar (Professor of Mechanical Engineering).   In future the trust envisions working with larger BITS alumni community through BITSAA International for raising additional funds and also seeking technical guidance, inputs and volunteers to serve as project managers.  The trust also envisions raising funds from industry sponsors to promote its main goal of inculcating technology entrepreneurship among BITS students and faculty.

Meet the Trustees of the trust!
View the BITS 75 Trust - RFP (Only accessible to BITSians).

If you are interested in knowing more about the BITS-75 Charitable Trust or contributing to the trust with your technical expertise and time, please contact below:

Chief Trustee,
Mr. Hanuman Bengani
Work: +91-33-24017991,
Mobile: +91-98310-98652.
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