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If you would like to join but aren't sure which team is a best-fit for you, please send an email to BITSAA People Strategy Team specifying your preferences. The PS team will get in touch with you and take it forward.

BITSAA Executive Team

Click here to contact the Executive Team.

The BITSAA Executive team is responsible for driving the vision of the BITSAA which is to "Maximize the potential of BITS Pilani and BITSians". The Executive team is deeply committed to making a difference in the life of fellow BITSians. Recruiting and grooming the right leadership for BITSAA is one of the top-most priorities of the Executive team. Positions in the Executive team are filled through in-house promotions of Leaders who have spent at least two years with BITSAA.


Ravi Sekhar Cherukuri Chief Executive Officer
Vishrut Shukla Chief Operations Officer
Deekshith Vanamala Chief Finance Officer
Rajesh Chelapurath Chief Investments Officer
Kaushik Balasubramanian Chief Marketing Officer
Kalyan Krishnamani Chief PR Officer

BITSAA Investment Team

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Investment Team.

All cash contributions made to date to BITSAA International (BITSAA) for its various initiatives, excess funds generated from BITSAA's operational activities and all such other financial assets of BITSAA accumulate into a fund called the BITSAA Endowment Fund (BEF). The BITSAA Investment Committee/Team (BIC) oversees the management of this BEF by ensuring these funds are appropriately invested.

The objectives of BEF's investment activities, executed and managed by the BIC, are two-fold:

Primary Objective

Generate proceeds, via investment income and/or capital appreciation, to administer BITSAA's currently endowed (fully or partially) initiatives (such as scholarships)


Secondary Objectives

  1. Generate investment returns from existing assets/funds to support any other BITSAA needs/ obligations as deemed necessary by the BITSAA Trustees/ Executive Team
  2. Grow the capital base of BEF to help support future initiatives of BITSAA.


Rajesh Chelapurath Chief Investment Officer
Koti Mylavarapu Director, BITSAA Investments

BITSAA Finance Team

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the Finance Team.

BITSAA Finance team handles the financial, accounting, and tax/statutory aspects of BITSAA International. With a dynamic leadership team and tremendous "enthu" from BITSians world-wide, BITSAA International has taken on a variety of projects aimed at giving back to our Alma mater and catering to the aspirations of BITSians around the globe. Successful execution of these initiatives requires a disciplined financial and operational planning. BITSAA Finance team strives towards this end by planning/monitoring the finances regular, maintaining accurate accounting of our operations, and providing guidance to other BITSAA teams on financial/accounting/tax related matters.

We are all proud of our roots at BITS-Pilani and we always want to give back to BITS and the ever-growing global community of BITSians. If you are interested in contributing to BITSAA International’s efforts, join the Finance team in managing the finances of a rapidly growing BITS alumni network.

If you are interested in joining the Finance team or would like to help us out in any other way, please Visit the team homepage and request membership to this group.

you may also want to send us an email at finance-team specifying your interest


Deekshith Vanamala Chief Finance Officer
Anmol Gupta Manager, Finance

BITSAA Fundraising Team

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the Fundraising Team.

You have always wanted to give back to your alma mater but didn’t know how? You are at the right place. BITSAA International has revolutionized the way the alumni can stay connected through this newly launched portal. Re-uniting BITSians all over the world and reliving the passion they all share, BITSAA aims at giving back to BITS in terms of better infrastructure, better quality of education and new levels of student exposure to name a few.

The Fundraising team is the place to be if you think you can make a difference and effectively contribute towards our common goal. The crowning achievements of the Fundraising team include the BITSConnect project, the $1.5M initiative to provide high speed internet across campus and the Oyster Lab project, the INR 200 Crore initiative to provide the best VLSI design infrastructure in the country. We recently concluded the USD 1 Million fundraising campaign for various BITS championed causes like BITSConnect 2.0. By being a part of this mission, you get to reconnect with fellow BITSians, carry the BITSian pride at heart and serve the place which gave you the happiest memories to cherish.

If you are interested in joining the Fundraising team or would like to help us out in any other way, please Visit the team homepage and request membership to this group.

you may also want to send us an email at fundraising-team specifying your interest


Gaelen Pereira Director, Fund Raising

BITSAA Technology Team

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the Technology Team.

Our input: The technical finesse of its members and sensible technology solutions in the industry (and creative ideas of BITSAA teams/initiatives).

Our output: Clean and smart technical tools to bring BITSAA world-wide closer together.

We focus on designing and implementing efficient solutions for technical needs across BITSAA, and thus enable all teams with specialized support to execute their goals.

At the tech team, we learn, we share and we implement, so that BITSAA members anywhere, anytime can stay connected to each other and to where it all began – BITS, Pilani.

If you are passionate about technology as much as you are about BITS, this is where you need to be. If you are interested in joining the Tech team or would like to help us out in any other way, please Visit the team homepage and request membership to this group.

you may also want to submit this form specifying your interest


Rakesh Komuravelli Director, Tech Team

BITSAA Markrting & Communications Team

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the Communications Team.

The BITSAA Marketing & Communications Team strives to create strong channels of communication among alumni, the BITS Pilani campuses and vital stakeholders like the media, recruiters, prospective students, faculty and the general public. We aim to bring alumni together and do our part in building Brand BITS Pilani. All instruments of communication from BITSAA are governed by the Communications Team. We create brochures, presentations, newsletters, reports and other material to reach out effectively. We populate and maintain the portal ensuring that the content is rich and up to date. We work hard to publicise all activities of BITSAA through various means, including press releases to the media. We also execute various initiatives - one of our current initiatives is the ' Let's promote BITS Pilani' campaign.

Want to join us? It would be great if you have some experience in creative services like writing, editing and designing. Any experience with publicity and media would be a good asset. Besides skills associated with any communication role, you will gain a lot of management and leadership skills. We are in a unique position to learn the complete workings of BITSAA but the icing on the cake is the team of great people we get to meet and work with. And yes, we also feel very good about giving back to BITS Pilani.

If you are interested in joining the Communications team or would like to help us out in any other way, please Visit the team homepage and request membership to this group.

you may also want to send us an email at comms-team specifying your interest


Kalyan Krishnamani Vice President , Communications
Kaushik Balasubramanian

BITSAA Scholarships & Awards Team

Click here to contact
the Scholarships Team.

The BITSAA Scholarships & Awards team manages scholarships instituted by BITSAA International. The team handles creation of scholarships at various BITS, Pilani campuses and the disbursal and management of these scholarships. It also aims to create a global framework to enable alumni to actively donate and create scholarships.

The BITSAA Scholarships team's vision is to ensure that no student at BITS, Pilani is denied a holistic educational experience due to a lack of funds. The BITSAA Scholarships team is actively looking for volunteers who can help achieve its vision. As a member of the Scholarships team you would be working closely with the BITSAA Finance team, the alumni and BITS, Pilani.

If you are interested in joining the Scholarship team or would like to help us out in any other way, please Visit the team homepage and request membership to this group.

you may also want to send us an email at scholarships-team specifying your interest


Surya Santosh Director, BITSAA Scholarships
Rama Satya Diwakar Grandhi Director, Awards

BITSAA Campus Relations Team

Click here to contact
the Campus Relations Team.

BITSAA Campus Relations is the team responsible for the crucial job of managing BITSAA relationship with all the four BITS campuses and their administrative authorities. This team helps in aligning BITSAA to the priorities of BITS Pilani institutions and the BITSians. The team functions through a Manager for maintaining relations at each campus and acts as a single point contact for all the campus authorities and students to deal with BITSAA. It keeps the campuses informed about the BITSAA initiatives from time to time and similarly updates the alumni all over the world about the happenings at campuses.

If you enjoy good relations with campuses or have held any leadership positions on-campus and is interested in contributing to the BITSian community, Campus Relations would be the best team to work with. Those who match the skills mentioned please visit the home page and request membership.


Utkarsh Mehrotra
Director, Campus Relations

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