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Chairman's Message To BITSians

Chairman Emeritus' Message To BITSians


(2011 - )
My fellow Alumni, Students and Friends of BITS,

BITSAA International is a global inclusive all-volunteer organization representing BITS Pilani Alumni. Our organization is engaged in a wide range of activities to help you remain connected with BITS Pilani. We focus on projects which enhance the quality of BITS education, its infrastructure, its student body, affordability of BITS education to the economically disadvantaged, and ultimately the BITS brand. We continually strive to create and nurture projects which enhance our alumni network.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to outgoing President & Chairman Prof. S P Kothari (1974-1979), the Board of Directors and Leadership Team for laying the foundation for BITSAA oer the past decade. It is heartening to see the interest and eagerness the younger generation of BITSians have in serving BITS Pilani and its community. We at BITSAA are also extremely delighted to see the rapid progress that BITS Pilani, under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Dr. B. N. Jain is making, as a part of the Strategic Plan 2012-2020 unveiled at the Global Meet in January this year.

As India takes center stage in the global economy, the next generation of a Stanford or MIT is bound to come from India and/or China within the next two decades. Our alma mater, BITS Pilani has great potential to be one of those global brands for higher education coming out of Asia. This is an exciting time for alumni to make a difference to our alma-mater. I am delighted to personally witness the generous commitment of time and money from many of you. I call on you, my fellow alumni, to assist and support me and my team in taking BITS Pilani in its evolution into a leading global university.

Over the past year as Chairman-Elect, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with many BITSAA Leaders worldwide. Based on those conversations, here is what I have challenged myself and for the organization to achieve. I welcome your feedback on these high level objectives for BITSAA International:
  1. Streamline Governance of Alumni Programs (across chapters, batches) in support of BITS Pilani's stated objectives
  2. Raise at least $1M before the next BGM to support "Bridges to the future" campaign
  3. Create an eco-system of partners in industry, government and academia to enhance research and entrepreneurship at BITS Pilani.
I thank you for your support and good wishes. With your active cooperation, I am sure we can take BITS & BITSAA to loftier perches. Please feel free to contact me at raju[DOT]reddy[AT]bitsaa[DOT]org or my team at bitsaa-executives[AT]bitsaa[DOT]org with your ideas, time or the desire to contribute to our alma-mater in any way.

Raju Reddy
(1976-1981)President & Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Chairman Emeritus' Message To BITSians


Dear Fellow BITSian

I welcome you to BITSAA International’s new website! You belong to an association whose members are intellectually elite, culturally diverse, socially conscious, and professionally successful.

BITSAA International’s goal is to help you remain connected with other members and with BITS Pilani, our alma mater. I hope BITSAA International serves as a catalyst in furthering your lifelong learning and professional development. A continued connection with BITS, regardless of the physical distance between you and your campus, will hopefully be professionally rewarding and also motivate you to help the mother-ship, BITS Pilani, to whom we all owe so much. BITSAA International is engaged in a wide range of activities and fundraising aimed toward enhancing the quality of BITS education, its faculty, its infrastructure, its student body, affordability of BITS education to the economically disadvantaged, and ultimately the BITS brand. I hope you will be inspired to participate in one or more of these worthy initiatives.

BITSAA International is a volunteer organization. I am proud of the association’s leadership team comprising highly talented and dedicated BITSians. They have continually surprised me by the amount of effort and enthusiasm in working on the association’s activities. Over time, we will need new volunteers to pass the baton and rejuvenate the association with new ideas, new vision, and new beginnings!

With Best Wishes
Dr. SP Kothari
Chairman of Trustees, BITSAA International
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