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How Can You Contribute?
NOTE: This page enumerates how you could contribute monetarily to the BITS and BITSAA Initiatives.
For non-monetary contributions (i.e 'time'), you could volunteer to teach a couple of courses in BITS (via our Back to BITS Sabbatical program, deliver "guest lectures" (via BITSEmbryo) or be the batch ambassador for your batch. You could also join one of the BITSAA Leadership Teams. We are always looking for BITSians to help us run the Global BITSAA International Organization and gain valuable leadership experience while giving back to your alma-mater.

A complete list of our initiatives is available in the LHS Menu under the Initiatives section

There are several ways to contribute to any of these initiatives:
  • Endowment

    Contribute a lump-sum to create a self-sustaining fund managed by BITSAA Investment Committee. The annual interest generated by BITSAA’s investments will be used to fund your chosen initiative. Such contributions are usually accompanied by naming rights to the donors for the endowed initiative, such as scholarships, faculty chairs or research grants.

    Fully Endowed contributions ~$50,000
    Partially Endowed contributions ~$25,000

  • Click here for basic naming options as of 2012-13

  • Pledge and Donate

    You can also pledge and contribute to the endowment over duration of 3 to 5 years. The total contribution can be broken down into smaller installments, each managed by the BITSAA Investment Committee and the returns/interest will be used to fund the chosen initiative.

  • Short Term Funding

    You can also choose to select and fund an initiative for a fixed duration, with an annual contribution towards the BITSAA Corpus. The funds donated will be used to drive the chosen initiative.

What's in it for you?

Contributing to one’s alma mater can be extremely satisfying in itself. Here are some more reasons why you should consider it.

  • Make a difference. You contribution will make available to students opportunities that they would’ve otherwise been denied.

  • Leave a legacy behind and add to your BITSian pride.

    Naming rights will be awarded to donors who contribute to endowments for faculty chairs and scholarships. Endowed funds enable BITSAA to create a self-sustaining flow of funds towards the chosen initiative. Please click here for a full list of scholarships created by BITSAA.

  • Tax benefits

    BITSAA International is a not-for-profit organization with a permanent 501 c (3) status in the US and 80-G in India. All donations made to BITSAA are eligible for tax deductions.

  • Acknowledgement on BITSAA portal, Sandpaper, BITSAA Newsletter and all BITSAA publications.

  • Advertisements on BITSAA portal and e-groups for sponsoring organizations.

Click here to Contribute . Read more about Global Bridges to the Future Campaign

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